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And their varieities

Mangoes have been renowned as king of fruits due to the vivid, juicy and delicious taste and texture it provides. Mangoes are rich in pulp and the savoring smell of mangoes is beyond match with any other fruit. We export a wide variety of mangoes from India. Our varieties include:

Baiganpally Mangoes

Season: May to July
Weight per Count: 350-400 grams
Pulp: 61.70%
TSS: 18.50 Degree Brix
Pulp is fiberless, firm and yellow with sweet
taste Fruits have good keeping quality

Kesar Mangoes

Pulp: 67.7 %
TSS: 17.8 Degree Brix
Size: Medium
Flesh is sweet and fiberless It has excellent sugar acid blend

Mallika Mangoes

Season: Late Season Variety
Weight per Count: 400-600 grams
Pulp: 65.8%
TSS: 27 Degree Brix
Fruit is large in size, oblong elliptical in shape and saffron yellow in colour

Raspuri Mangoes

Pre-Season: Available
Size: Medium
Pulp: 67.40 %
TSS: 20.30 Degree Brix
Flesh is soft, primuline –yellow and fiberless

Alphonso Mangoes

Weight per count: 150-300 Grams
Rich, creamy, tender texture and delicate, non-fibrous, juicy pulp
Alphonso mango turns bright golden-yellow with a tinge of red which spreads across the top of the fruit.

Badami Mangoes

Badami mangoes are also called as Alphonso of Karnataka state
Texture and taste are quite similar to other Mango from the region of Ratnagiri in Maharashtra as well as Alphonso of Karnataka.

Dasheri Mangoes

Size: Medium
Long and oval shaped, with a light green or yellow-green skin when mature, becoming golden yellow when ripe.
Dasheri mangoes have a fiberless, peach-colored flesh.

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