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Arova Exports is a customer-oriented company, established for the objective of serving before earning. Our single most important objective is to provide a service that our clients remember - We're not looking for one-time customers but relationships that could go on for ages. A team of humble and honest individuals, we're aiming towards boosting the exports of our nation by supplying quality products to the world beyond ours.

It's our belief that customer satisfaction is the real wealth. Importer's consent towards our products is important and valuable for us. The most valuable thing for us is not the margin that we keep or the investment that we make into our business, but the clients whom we touch. Arova Exports is founded on the principle of "Faith and Honesty" - And we shall forever let our positive belief system drive our business.

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What we do

Arova Exports: About Us

Arova Exports is a Private Limited Company founded by Muqeeb Pasha B - We're exporters of agricultural products based in India, exporting across the entire world. Our list of agro products includes:

  • ·Indian Spices in Dry & Powder:
  • ·chilli, Turmeric ,Coriander, Masala, Black pepper etc
  • ·Fresh Fruits:
  • ·Mango, Grapes, Pomegranate, Orange, Yelakki banana & Cavendish Banana
  • ·Vegetables:
  • ·Green Chilli,Bitter Gourd,Ladies Finger,Ridge gourd, Lemon,Ginger
  • ·Sona masuri Rice & its varieties:

Abundant Cultivation

We own and rent farms for production

Natural, Healthy

No use of restricted or harmful chemical in the cultivation

Paramount Priority to all importers

Every importer we trade with is our valuable customer

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We follow an established channel to deliver your products on time

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